Previous Workshops

Here’s something that the team has done before. Take a look, it’s delicious.


Back to the Roots / 2013

The third workshop held by the team was held as a part of Harakka Unplugged – an unusual work day that was organised on Harakka Island just off the Helsinki coastline by the Department of Media at Aalto University. The event brought together a diverse group of professionals from the creative industry, researchers, educators, and practitioners who wished to learn novel creative methods in design and problem solving.

The aim of the workshop was to push the participants to consider food as a design medium, and gain understanding of emotional design, rapid prototyping and thinking by doing. The workshop was inspired by the diversity and unity of the root vegetables. Through a number of exercises the participants developed their childhood memories into tangible food objects using root vegetables. Thus, the name has a double meaning.

Results varied from food art to food games and sculptures of root vegetables. Who said you shouldn’t play with food? The resulting works were exhibited at the Kasematti Gallery with guidance from the curator Kasper Strömman.


Food & Emotions / 2012

The team was invited to run its first food design workshop at the AGRI2012 Agrindustrial Product and Service Design Symposium and Exhibition organised by Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design in Izmir, Turkey.

The workshop explored the factors that impact on individual’s emotions connected to food and identify the opportunities it holds. Through specially designed assignments and collaborative design process, the workshop participants learned how both the social and physiological dimensions of food must be taken into account in the new product and service development process. As a result of the workshop, the participants ideated, envisioned and developed new food products and services that had a positive impact on society. The resulting works were showcased as a part of the AGRI2012 Symposium and Exhibition.

The second workshop under the same theme was held as a part of the Visual Expression and Communication course organised by Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

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